Garbage Mounds Grow On NYC Corners Thanks To Cuts, Mismanagement

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New York City’s proposed composting program has been kicked to the curb, dashing hopes of ridding city sidewalks of the daily mounds of trash bags and the rats that love them.

According to Politico, legislation requiring residents to separate their food and yard scraps for composting and reduce residential trash — on the verge of moving forward in March — has hit a financial roadblock caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hobbled by a $24.5 million cut in the sanitation department’s budget for organics recycling, New York City is back at square one in what had been an effort to create the most ambitious composting program in the nation.

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  1. I guess it’s more important for City funds to go to pay police officers overtime and time & a half to protect the amazing artwork on 5th Avenue in front of Trump Tower, the Black lives matter “mural” painting on City property. Sick twisted upside down Mayor.

  2. Hooray Mayor deBlaBlaBla! You’re da best pest!
    You’re short of moner because Chirlane McCray blew nearly a billion of our dollars?

  3. You mean the program that started out by giving everyone garbage cans that were designed to stink up your house and then create a health hazard for the sanitation workers? The one that first said you can’t use any type of garbage bag to keep the stink down but later changed the rule (probably because the sanitation workers’ union got involved)? The program that would have had 3 times the truck traffic on our streets to get all the garbage into the same place (recyclables are just mixed back into the waste stream because the city doesn’t have a functioning recycling system)?

    You mean someone actually expected that any program dreamed up by mayor DeBlunderer would work?


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