Gasoline to Hit Record NIS 8.25 Per Liter On Motzoei Shabbos

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israel-gas-stationThe price of self-service 95 octane gasoline in Israelwill rise to an all-time high of NIS 8.25 per liter, from the current NIS 7.70 per liter, in two stages over the weekend, reports Globes.

Tonight the price will rise by NIS 0.07 per liter, because of the 1% hike in VAT to 17%. Tomorrow night, on Motzoei Shabbos, the price will rise by a further NIS 0.48 per liter, because of the update for the price of oil. The total price hike, which takes effect at midnight tomorrow, is 7.14%, or NIS 0.55 per liter.

The price of gasoline is based on the average quotes of CIF La Vera trade prices for fuels in the Mediterranean basin, which are then converted from dollars into shekels. The of CIF La Vera trade price of oil rose 14.1% during August to $84.21 per barrel, which was slightly offset by a 1.16% fall in the shekel-dollar exchange rate to NIS 4.0637/$.

The gasoline excise, reports Globes, will also rise by NIS 0.02 per liter to NIS 2.99 per liter, 36% of the price at the pump. The excise is the second largest component of the price at the pump, at 36%, behind the price of oil, which is 41%, and ahead of VAT, which is 15%. The fuel companies’ marketing margin was left unchanged at NIS 0.64 per liter, or 8% of the price at the pump, after the price hike.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. GAS will continue rising as Hashems plan is carried out

    1)build up the hatred of the muslims-i.e. Bnei Yishmael, the last ones to fight klal yisroel before mashiach comes-against klal yisroel

    2)get even Israel’s best friend-the USA-to go against them, by putting it in the hands of a muslim Obama.

    3)get iran (GOG) to act on its nuclear plan R”L & the rest of the world join them (including the USA) into BRING MILCHEMES gog u’magog upon klal yisroel towards bringing Mashiach.

    with a few other tragic steps between these that is all in Hashems hands & can still be erased if klal yisroel does teshuva before its time comes.


  2. All regular unleaded gas in Israel is 95 octane. Super unleaded in Israel, if you can find it, is 98 octane.
    Those are the government standards for gasoline. The higher octane is probably required due to the higher temperatures here.

  3. “BRING MILCHEMES gog u’magog upon klal yisroel”

    Oh come on! Conflating the price of gasoline with the arrival of Moshiach is totally absurd and shows yehuda up as a total tipesh.

    Why are you calling for the death of (Israeli) Jews while you sit comfortably and arrogantly in your American home, yehuda?

    Who are you to tell HaShem how He should manage His business, yehuda

  4. the dollar is roughly 4 shekels lately.

    So 7.70 NIS is $1.93 and 8.25 NIS is $2.06

    Keep in mind that this is LITERS which are – IIRC – 3.78 to the gallon. So that a gallon of fuel would be $7.79 after the rise!

  5. to ben-azai

    perhaps if you would open up your eyes & remove all desires of this olam hasheker from yourself. then maybe you will be able to see the yad hashem in everything.

    it takes years to reach such a level. if you start now you can also do it.



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