Gasparino: If Biden Wins, Buy Stocks As Gov Goes On Spending Spree

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Savvy investors reportedly would be wise to jump into action and start buying stocks if Democrat Joe Biden wins the presidency.

Investors should “load up on shares of any company that can benefit from his (Biden) embrace of the Green New Deal, like solar-panel companies,” Fox Business Network Senior Correspondent Charlie Gasparino wrote for the New York Post.

“If you think Trump was good for the markets over the past four years, Biden’s planned $2 trillion spending spree as he gets into office will turbocharge markets like never before, the Wall Street experts say,” according to Gasparino.

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  1. Biden’s taxes and regulations will choke business. Dividends will take a major hit as earnings shrink and even turn to losses. Inflation will soar with wild government spending. Those who remember the Carter presidency should shudder at the repeat of economic disaster when inflation hit 12%. Double digit mortgage rates were the norm. Anyone holding a variable rate mortgage will stand in jeopardy of losing his house.
    Under Carter the USA become the laughing stock of the world as the Iranians captured our embassy and took everyone hostage. When Reagan took over the Iranians in fear of what Reagan would do immediately released the hostages . Biden will be another Carter on foreign policy.


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