Gavriel Sandler Hy”d Was Named After Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg Hy”d

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gavriel-sandlerGavriel Sandler, 3, who was gunned down at point blank range in Toulouse on Monday, was named after Rav Gavriel Holtzberg, the Chabad emissary who was murdered in Mumbai just before he was born. Rabbi Shimon Rosenberg told Arutz Sheva that he was informed of this by a member of the Sandler family.

He said that the murder in Toulouse brings back the memory of the terrible day, 39 months ago, when he lost his daughter Rivki Holtzberg and her husband Rav Gavriel Holtzberg. The fact that one of the victims was named for Gavriel makes the event even more chilling for him, he said.

With a shaking voice, Rav Rosenberg quoted Tehillim 30:10, which asks G-d: “What use is my blood, when I descend to the abyss?”

He then asked: “G-d, what do you want from our blood, which is being spilled all over the world?”

Rabbi Rosenberg thanked the Israeli government for bringing the bodies to kevurah in Israel. He called on people all over the world to join forces in fighting terror, and never to say “It won’t happen to me.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.

{Arutz Sheva/ Newscenter}


  1. It was obvisuly meant to be.
    One cant say not to name. He didnt die from an illness. It was al kidush hashem. Botj of them. By a.shul. It was the biggest zechus for the neshama.

  2. As I understand the reluctance to name after one who dies young does not apply where the circumstances were those of Kiddush Hashem.

    Aderaba perhaps in the Zechus of his namesake young Gavriel HY”D was Zocheh to be a korban. uvechol nafshecha afilu HU notel es nafshecha.

  3. #2 and #3:
    The exception is for naming after one who has died al kiddush Hashem. That is why one may name after those who died in the Holocaust, even without adding a name.

  4. To # 1&2
    You may have a point about not naming someone who was killed tragically or died young, but is it not an insesitive time to mention it now, after the child was named and after he was killed, when nothing can be done to change things in that regard?

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  6. #9 what? You don’t think the ignorant people who are about to call a child after these people murdered in France, should be warned?

    I heard that one may name after someone murdered in the holocaust only if it’s our family, if the survivors strongly insist and it would ease their pain, and after discussing with a rabbi, because it is an exception.

    #6 no doubt, but while being zoche to be a Korban is beyond human understanding, would you wish that to your loved ones?

  7. “…the ignorant people…”??????? Who are you calling ignorant??? Only someone who is full of himself would make such an insensitive comment. You need to work on your middos my friend.

  8. To #12
    I was taught those who mourn incorrectly or improperly will, G-d forbid, be forced to mourn properly.
    You have different opinions to rely upon in this very delicate matter? Please present the sources. I have not said my Rabbis are the only authorities. I have said one needs to be very careful and one needs to have solid grounds to rely upon.


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