Gedolei Hador: Only Way to Battle Draft Is Through Torah


rav-kanievsky-rav-shteinmanA Letter from the Gedolei HaDor shlit”a On the Draft Efforts in Israel (Click here for the original letter.)


Much to our sorrow, at this time, there has risen against us a group of destroyers from among our nation, who plan to uproot the Torah and its students, something which has never before been that Jews should come to prohibit the study of Torah and prevent us from being involved in the Holy Torah, woe to us that this has happened in our times.

As we see that the hester ponim has increased, we do not know for whom has this storm come, nor do we have a prophet to say what we must correct in order to cancel this difficult decree from us. We must examine our ways and investigate them, and perhaps it is because our hands have weakened from the Torah that in Heaven they are demanding from us about this.

Therefore, it is an absolute obligation upon us at such a time to watch with every safeguard over the Torah and its students,.It is brought in Nefesh Hachaim (Shaar 4, Chapter 15) that if you see punishment coming upon you, run to the chambers of the Torah and immediately the punishment will run away from you, as the posuk says, “Go my nation, come into your chambers” (Yeshayah 26:20).”

We are suggesting to strengthen and increase the uninterrupted study of Torah without disturbances, especially on those days when there is a weakness, such as Friday and Shabbos, when the laxity is great, and to set certain times for Torah study that in those times there should be a tremendous strengthening in Torah learning. And the roshei yeshivos should speak about this.

In addition, we must strengthen ourselves in prayer and plead before the Master of the World to annul all of the decrees from upon us.

And through strengthening our involvement in Torah and tefillah, we hope that He will remove from us all of the bad and difficult decrees and we shall soon merit that the world will be full of recognition of Hashem as waters that cover the sea.

We appeal to anyone who seeks to hurt the students of the Torah, “Do not touch my anointed ones” (Tehillim 105:15), because at this time, when the enemies of Israel are coming against us to eliminate us, G-d forbid, only our Holy Torah will provide us protection. Please do not hurt or cause a decrease in the number of Torah students, for this involves a danger to our bodies and souls, chalilah.

Written and signed with pain,

A.L. Shteinman

18 Sivan 5773

With the help of Hashem Yisborach

All of the above words are clear and simple and this is the only way to cancel the decree.

Chaim Kanievsky

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  1. Truth is truth,
    alert people that limud hatorah and tefillah are the way to go, NOT a massive anti-Israel rally.

  2. These words are the truth it’s simple not a rally or a protest on the streets of Manhattan that won’t to anything we have to strengthen the real things like Torah


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