Gedolim: ‘Kosher Switch’ “Should Not Be Brought into Any Jewish Home”





  1. The purpose of the switch is to turn on the light and it will definitely turn on. With a fridge you don’t care if the motor goes that is not your goal
    Also, it won’t for sure go on. However many poskim require refrigerators to be approved for shabbos

  2. Technically, you could go shopping too on Shabbos. Have a shuttle pick you up, prepay at the department stores, have them deliver the goods to you. Or, have a goy take you shopping and do all the melachos for you. You can then use the Shabbosapp to text your friends you are joining them. There are so many melachos you could sidestep if you wish, but what would Shabbos look like? It would be a tragedy even if all this was allowed, kal vchomer if it’s not allowed how much worse it is!

    I love Shabbos, just as it is and as Rav Belsky shlita said, Shabbos is not a nuisance, but pure bliss. 21st century or not, the beauty of Shabbos withstands time and technology.

  3. Opening a refrigerator door is a pseek raishs grama which many hold is ok also your intention here is that the light be turned on as opposed to the by a refrigerator all you want is a cold beer with no interest in a the compressor

  4. This is different from opening a refrigerator in several ways.
    1: When you open a refrigerator door it does not automatically trigger a sequence of events which starts the motor. The motor may or may not start even after opening the door. Even if it does start, there is usually more than a 1-3 minute delay. Therefore its not a grama or psik reisha.
    2: When you open a refrigerator you don’t necessarily want the engine to turn on, since even without the engine on foods will not spoil for many hours with the door kept closed. Therefore it’s aino miskaven. However when using this switch your intention is to turn on the lights.
    3: Even if the motor will turn on after opening the door, the sound it creates is very muted or non noticeable at all and presents very little if not no problem of zilzul Shabbos.
    4: Using this switch on Shabbos is also a big problem of maaros ayin, even if the switch looks different. An observer outside the home can see that after someone enters a dark room the light goes on almost immediately. This looks like clear cut chillul Shabbos. Opening a fridge does not present this problem.

    I’m no expert on electrical engineering nor on halacha, however these are my opinions of the matter.
    Furthermore, many great Poskim and Rabbanim have wrote countless tshuvos permitting the use of refrigerators on Shabbos. When the 4 top Halachik authorities in North America prohibit something, it is no light matter.

  5. Mordy, if you mean regarding the compressor, your intention is not to turn it on, nor is it a certainty that you are causing it go on. Your intention with the “kosher” switch is to turn in (or off) the light.

    If you mean the refrigerator light, that is a more apt analogy.

  6. The point is whether it’s muttar kahalacha or not. Now we hear from our poskim that it’s assur kahalacha. That is the main point

    The debate of whether this takes away from kedushas Shabbos or not is not the point. That is a Hashkafa issue.

    Someone wanted proof that he cannot set a TV with a game for shabbos. The rov answered because it says ????? ??? ?????….???????
    ??? is only considered ???? if it’s ??????? doing things that look ???? you cannot expect future ????? to keep shabbos.

    Will we permit automated cars on shabbos?

    Our children are picking up on this and now its going to the next level..

    any ideas??

  7. If a person has a medical problem and needs to use a machine on shabbos for medical reasons, Is it better to use it with the kosherswitch?


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