“Gemara and Tosfos” Free Download



It’s the beginning of a new year in Yeshiva. For the struggling Bochur, it could be a nightmare. The Gemara and Tosfos seems all Greek to him; he feels like a failure. Finally, there is a solution!

The “Gemara and Tosfos” series makes Higher Learning accessible to everyone. It is authored by Rav Chaim Smulowitz, currently Rav of Yeshivas Pirchei Shoshanim’s Smicha program. Praised by many Mechanchim, this series is not only written to provide the translation of the subject, but also to provide the bigger picture. It is easy to understand and reads like a book. This is an inexpensive way for your son to  finally succeed in Yeshiva. Available in PDF, Kindle and hard copy.

Download for free the first amud of perakim commonly learned in Yeshivos and see how much this helps your son.

Click here and download your free first amud.


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