George Floyd GoFundMe Draws Most Donors Ever 

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A GoFundMe account set up by George Floyd’s family has amassed the most individual donations in the site’s history.

More than 500,000 donors have contributed to the page from around the world, more than any previous effort for anything, a rep there told TMZ on Friday.

The donations have already topped $13 million in just over a week.

Read more at THE NY POST.



  1. I bet you most donations were from liberal Jews. Nebech! The funniest part was the protests from these Libs in Tel Aviv last week.

  2. he was worthless when he was alive!

    you know something, jews were once slaves also. and, not so long ago, we were torchered and murdered. so what did we do? we built our country, made schools, universities (which include yeshivos), hospitals, businesses, factories; i could go on and on. blacks in america were given jobs and admission to universities before before anyone else. i submit that most of those who took advantage of those opportunities want the normal things for their kids. they want their children to go to school and succeed. they want their children to earn an honest living, they want their children to give them grandchildren. they want their children to live in decent homes instead of slums (and public housing is not what turns housing developments into slums) they do not want their kids to become floyds


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