George P. Bush Visits Israel

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Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush returned this past weekened from an unannounced visit to Israel, reports CNN.

Bush, the oldest son of Jeb Bush, broke with his father early this month to endorse Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Bush’s Israel trip could bolster his foreign policy credentials as he seeks to build a stronger backing in the Republican Party that so decisively rejected his father.

The 40-year-old lawyer and father of two made a 3-day visit to Israel, meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu. Spokesman J.R. Hernandez says Bush “expressed his strong support for Israel” while thanking Netanyahu “for all he is doing to fight terrorism.”



  1. Smart political mood. Maybe he has a dynasty too. One can only imagine the Bush family with such example. But as a Democrat, I can only say we are in for yet perhaps another lacker election if he runs for most any office. Bush Plus Trim Logic is just yet another shaven gentile. Maybe the guy grows a nice beard. I might like his style.


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