George W. Bush Not ‘Weighing In’ on 2020 Race

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Former President George W. Bush “will not be weighing in” on the 2020 presidential race despite former officials from his administration backing Democrat candidate Joe Biden, The Hill reports.

Several former Bush White House and campaign officials last month launched a super PAC, “43 Alumni for Biden,” to organize Republicans who have been “dismayed and disappointed by the damage done to our nation by Donald Trump’s presidency.”

However, despite former Secretary of State Colin Powell, former Gov. John Kasich and former Sen. Jeff Flake all coming out in support of Biden, a spokesman for Bush told The Hill that the former president remains “retired from presidential politics and will not be weighing in” on the presidential election.

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    • because you think trump is gonna stay quit as a former president. but then you will be happy for him to open his mouth be honest.

  1. I’m sure he hates Trump because Trump
    (1)beat his brother Jeb in a not so nice primary
    (2)criticized for the Iraq war

    OTOH if he were to support Biden he will become persona non grata in the Republican Party.

    Therefore he can only lose by speaking out

  2. Does he still weigh anything after the worms have gotten to him? Hillary and Pelosi had their turn this week. Will they dig up the one behind the execution of JFK?

  3. Why did his administration allow a plane load of Saudi Arabians to escape the country on Sep. 12th 2001??? The Bush crime family never informed the American people what really happened on Sep. 11th 2001. What are they covering up? Bush/Cheney were caught with their pants down and all we got out of it is that we can’t take a bottle of water thru the TSA and everyone has to take their smelly shoes off. Wow. Woopee. Now I feel so safe now. The sheeple just go from one slaughter to the next while the rich well connected white elitist club just laughs at how stupid and gullible the peasants are. Just wear your mask and make sure you get in early on your vaccinations. Brainless nincompoops. Never question government. They know what’s best for us. Gee, what is that smoke up ahead rising from those ovens?

  4. Smart man. If you keep quiet everyone will think you are intelligent.

    Hillary Clinton can take a page out of Bush’s book. It has been almost four years and she can’t let go of her grudge.

    Boy did we dodge a bullet when she lost.

    • That’s a lie. You couldn’t have heard from Hillary later the end of Feb 2019, after she was coronavirused. Had she ch”v become President (can’t say ‘won’ because Democrats never ‘won’, they were installed by the CIA) 90% of us would have been where she and Bush are now. B”H Hashem did not allow their evil to pass.

  5. I liked Bush junior. He was an ideological conservative, pro Israel, and a mentch. Unlike some other people who define their policies based on wild, selfish impulses and just can’t let a day go by without setting the world on fire.

  6. Dog world. Bush groans.

    Friendly men? Just wrong era gentiles today. Bucks fall over to stop.

    Very keen money plan. Nebulous eyes as trade freezes buck it.

    Bible vindication direct.

  7. Who cares? Why do they think their opinions matter? Do they think so little of the public that we cant see things for ourselves. We dont need them to tell us how to vote, We see how the Democrats are ruining this country, they will do all to hurt Trump even if it hurts the USA, the economy, security, foreign affairs etc. They dont care about their constituents. Their opinions are tainted and Bush just mocked the Republican party and its voters. Shame on him. At the least he should say, I respect the Republicans who voted Trump to represent our party and wish Trump well. THAT would be classy.

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