George Will: ‘This Was Immeasurably The Best Debate’ I Have Ever Seen


george-willDuring ABC’s post-debate coverage, conservative columnist George Will had a glowing review of Tuesday night’s second presidential debate between President Barack Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney.

When asked who won the debate, Will responded: “I think there was a winner in the sense that Barack Obama not only gained ground he lost but he cauterized some wounds that he inflicted on himself by seeming too diffident and disengaged.”

“It was a very good fight,” he added. “I have seen every presidential debate in American history since the floor of Nixon and Kennedy in 1960. This was immeasurably the best.”

“I think as a tactical measure tonight, the president did very well,” he concluded.


{ Newscenter}


  1. But he certainly did not behave appropriate for a president. Also, when he was caught with the Rose Garden lie and the moderator broke the rules and chimed in to defend him, that was an amazing moment for Romney and he ought use it! Sadly he’s not.

  2. I hope most Americans are intelligent enough to understand that we are about to elect a president, not a boxer. A heartless beast can be a boxer too. The yardstick to measure who won is not who was more aggressive, louder or theatrical, but rather who is more honest and pragmatic. Nobody is immune from mistakes but Mr. arrogant Pres. will never, never admit them, cause honesty and him are very far apart. Romney seems to be in a much higher class. He shone over his rival as a human, honest and trustworthy. That was the bottom line of the last debate.


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