George Will Exits The Republican Party Over Trump

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Conservative columnist George Will has left the Republican Party over its presumptive nomination of Donald Trump.

Will, who writes a column for The Washington Post, announced his decision Friday at an event for the Federalist Society in Washington, the news site PJ Media reported.

“This is not my party,” he told the audience, according to the site. He said that he has changed his voter registration from “Republican” to “unaffiliated.”

Will has been an outspoken critic of Trump for months, and a major proponent of the “Never Trump” movement. In April, he wrote a column with the headline, “If Trump is nominated, the GOP must keep him out of the White House.” In response, Trump called Will “a major loser.”

Speaking with PJ Media Friday, Will said that it was too late for GOP to nominate someone who isn’t Trump. Instead, he said, Republican voters should just “make sure he loses,” then “Grit their teeth for four years and win the White House.”

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  1. “Grit their teeth for four years and win the White House.”

    I have news for George Will. If Hillary wins she will occupy the White House for eight years. By that time he won’t have any teeth left.

  2. Grit our teeth for four years of Hillary, who views the Presidency as just a way to make dishonest money, no matter the damage to the country, and which may turn chalilah into eight years??? George, you’re a [goy] chacham, but WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING???

  3. Will is a self-proclaimed atheist who has written that Israel only gets American support because Americans think of it as Western. Which is to say operating on Western and not Torah principles. He was very uncomfortable with Menachem Begin’s emphasis on the Jewish aspect of our claims to Israel.

  4. George Will is one of the most principled and thoughtful editorialists writing today. I agree with pretty much everything he said in this current piece and also with what he wrote about Donald Trump in a late April article.

    And yet, I’m leaning toward voting for Trump.

    Why? Israel. That’s the one issue that may be minor for non-Jewish Americans (including Mr. Will), but is a huge one for me and many other Jewish Americans. The Democratic party has moved away from Israel to the extent that more registered Democrats sympathize with the Palestinians than sympathize with Israel. Bernie Sanders successfully placed two virulent Israel-haters into the group that will craft the Democratic platform. During her campaign, Hillary Clinton has said the right things about supporting Israel (which I appreciate), but the above facts about her party, the fact that she was a part of an extremely anti-Israel administration for several years and the fact that she is personally untrustworthy all leave me inclined to believe that we’d be in for another four years of an unpleasant Obama-style relationship with Israel.

    The disastrous Oslo accords were the direct result of George H. W. Bush’s administration’s hostility toward Israel – his refusal to guarantee loans cost Prime Minister Shamir his office and led to the infamous Rabin/Arafat handshake. Make no mistake – an unfriendly U.S. administration can influence Israel in a very negative manner.

    While Clinton will almost certainly win (a 70% disapproval rating like Trump’s is unheard of), I will nonetheless exercise my right to vote and that vote will probably be for Trump.

  5. America and Israel have a real estate problem.

    The muslims own the top of the Temple Mount and it must change hands in our lifetimes if possible.

    In all thoughts, Hashem is our King and is well aware of this ego issue for Ishmael. In all thoughts, G-d does in our faith have a plan for Israel to return to the top of the Temple Mount. Even if Ishmael owns its time on the real estate, one must think that peaceful means can be discussed to help Ishmael return the real estate to its rightful owner.

    For this practical purpose, I am voting Ms. Clinton. Her means will not inflame the crucial existence of Jews in the middle east and she will indeed keep our values stronger as the idea of attacking Ishmael is not in her concern. We must fight Hate Radicalism and Hate Terror but we are not to touch the world that the Ishmaelite creates without defining better principle and human deed.

    Still, if you want Mr. Trump, you are looking at a man who is Esau’s ghost mention to try to build your war. You will get only evil.

    Think about who you are voting for and realize you can help bring us to redemption. As per above, Ms. Clinton is not against the jewish people and the political issues with the state of Israel will resolve and bring more challenging times.

    This is indeed a time to find peace and help the Ishmaelite bring his civilization to a higher degree of less hate and less terror. It can be done and we need Trusted Leadership in D.C.


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