George Zimmerman Auctioning Gun Used to Kill Trayvon Martin

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George Zimmerman is selling the pistol he used to shoot and kill 17-year-old Trayvon Martin nearly four years ago. The infamous 32-year-old Florida man listed the Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm handgun up for a single-day auction on, with a starting bid set at $5,000 and an undisclosed “reserve price” the winning bidder must meet.

Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering Martin after an intense trial in which the defendant claimed he acted in self-defense to fend off the unarmed teenager.

“I am honored and humbled to announce the sale of an American Firearm Icon,” Zimmerman wrote in the item’s description. “The firearm for sale is the firearm that was used to defend my life and end the brutal attack from Trayvon Martin on 2/26/2012… This is a piece of American History.”

Proceeds from the sale, Zimmerman wrote, will be used to “fight [Black Lives Matter] violence against Law Enforcement officers, ensure the demise of [Zimmerman’s prosecuting attorney] Angela Correy’s [sic] persecution career and Hillary Clinton’s anti-firearm rhetoric.” Zimmerman punctuated the listing with the Latin phrase “Si vis pacem, para bellum,” meaning, “If you want peace, prepare for war.” Read more at CBS Miami.



  1. The gun was used to defend Zimmerman’s life. When receiving brutal strikes to the head, it makes no difference whether the assailant is armed or not – it could lead to a traumatic brain injury or death. This gun saved an innocent life from a brutal bully.

  2. George Zimmerman is a lowlife punk. His acquittal was just, based on the Florida law and the available evidence, but he never was a “good guy” and his many subsequent arrests, statements and incidents prove that. Trayvon Martin was a hothead whose shooting was legally justified, but Zimmerman never should’ve taken the provocative action that precipitated Martin’s attack. Had Zimmerman simply obeyed the 911 operator and backed off, Martin would’ve returned safely home from his innocent candy-purchasing trip to a store.

    • “Zimmerman never should’ve taken the provocative action” – are you referring to the “provocative” action of surveillancing someone from a distance in your own neighborhood, someone who is walking between houses in the middle of the night, in a neighborhood that had a number of recent burglaries?! “Had Zimmerman simply obeyed the 911 operator” – in case you need a reminder, we don’t live in the Nazi Germany where we are obligated to “obey” all kinds of bureaucrats without a court order; the 911 operator might send in a policemen to take down a burglary report, but the 911 operator won’t magically prevent the burglary. “innocent candy-purchasing trip” – how do you know that Martin was not casing the houses as he was returning from his candy purchase?-He demonstrated a general disregard for the law by jumping and pummeling another human being, most innocent people don’t walk between houses in the middle of the night. Who is “a lowlife punk” now?!

  3. I have a question: why was this weapon not confiscated? Why was it returned to someone whose behaviour after the incident does not exactly show level-headedness (if he ever did, given that he could and should have waited for backup). If this listing would inflame outrage – legitimate as well as insincere – and there’ll be riots, who will pay the price? The innocent passersbys, and the taxpayers.

    • Complain to your benevolent dictator. Who cares about such trivial things as private property and innocent until proven guilty, as long as you appease the rioters; for you it’s what’s easier, not what’s just.

  4. Who will pay the price? The Jews as usual will be blamed. Do you recall how people said all over the internet people that Zimmerman is Jewish? And did that play any role in setting up a trial on very weak evidence? It was quite obvious that he would have had to be acquitted, yet he was dragged in court, with the consequent heartache and legal expenses.

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