Georgia Race: Trump Casts GOP Winning Streak As Rejection Of Dem ‘Obstruction’

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President Trump and his allies cheered Republican Karen Handel’s victory Tuesday in the closely watched Georgia runoff as a clear endorsement of the administration’s agenda — and cast Democrats’ special election losing streak as a rebuke of the party’s “obstruction” tactics.

“Democrats would do much better as a party if they got together with Republicans on Health Care, Tax Cuts, Security. Obstruction doesn’t work!” Trump tweeted.

Handel’s handy victory over Democrat Jon Ossoff follows GOP special election wins in Kansas, Montana and South Carolina.

Democrats did hold on to a seat in California earlier this month. But Republicans are now boasting a “5-0” record in special elections for seats Democrats sought to flip — counting Georgia twice, as Ossoff was unable to lock down an outright win in the initial contest and lost to Handel in the runoff.

The Georgia race effectively had become a national battle, with Democrats pumping millions behind Ossoff and eager to cast a victory as a referendum on Trump. They didn’t get it. Read more at Fox News.



  1. Democrats losing again and again, baruch Hashem!!! No way they can win without fraud. Obama won both terms by fraud and that’s how Hillary was hoping to win. However, Hillary was so despised even by the Left because of her astronomical amount of corruptions that she couldn’t even pull through more than 40% of the voters “including” the frauds.

  2. This used to be a secure GOP seat and now the GOPy needed a run off to take it. What a BIG victory, a Trumpele big victory!

    • And California used to be a GOP state, but alas, the demographics change. Do you think it’s an accident that DemocRats keep on importing all sorts of third world people?


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