Ger Issues Summer/Bein Hazemanim Swimming Regulations

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A series of regulations were announced in the Gerer community: In Gerer shteiblach throughout Eretz Yisroel, it was declared over Shabbos that there are issues regarding women’s wigs, which raise concerns of avodah zarah.

Although the announcement was not an official proclamation, the gabbaim passed the directive around that there are issues with all shaitlach coming from abroad that raise concerns of avodah zarah. The rabbonim of the community examined the matter and ruled that those who have already acquired a shaitel may continue to wear it. However, from now on, those who purchase a shaitel should only do so from a place that has proper certification due to the issues that have arisen in recent years.

In addition, a letter was sent in the past week to all parents and talmidim of Gur in anticipation of the summer and Bein Hazemanim period containing a series of instructions. The letter states that it is forbidden to go to public swimming pools and water parks.

The detailed letter provides a series of guidelines regarding home swimming pools, where caution is necessary. If using a home pool, several conditions must be met:

  1. Close supervision by parents who will watch over the children.
  2. The children will be fully clothed.
  3. No other children should be included, not even family members.

The letter states that in exceptional cases, where a doctor requires going to a pool, approval must be obtained from the mashgichim, and the child must be accompanied by the father only.

There is also a reference to beaches during Bein Hazemanim. Walking to the beaches is only permitted for those who have approval and are accompanied by their father, with attention to risks posed by weather. It is preferable to go only until 8:30 a.m.

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  1. What nonsense!
    It’s been long established that the wigs are not products of Avodah zora!
    Swimming fully clothed? So much easier to drown as wet clothing is heavier and harder to swim in!

    • long established?
      You know that recently many gedolim are very choshesh? Just because you can’t enforce the torah in your own house don’t speak in the name of the torah!

  2. Swimming while fully clothed is incredibly DANGEROUS!!! Regular clothing weighs you down, pulls you under. Around 25 years ago a boy drowned in the pool at Chofetz Chaim and didn’t make it. The only factor the police could find was that he was dressed. Who’s the idiot here?

  3. Ger Issues Summer/Bein Hazemanim Swimming Regulations Very disconcerting for Ger>>>Converts to have to be subjected to all these regulations; It surely is going to discourage conversions


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