German Prosecutors Charge Ex-SS Soldier Over Incitement And Holocaust Denial

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German prosecutors said Wednesday they have filed charges against a former SS soldier for incitement and disparaging the memory of Nazi victims, after the 96-year-old made inflammatory remarks in an interview broadcast on television.

The accused was not named by prosecutors but he is understood to be Karl Muenter, who had previously been convicted in France over his role in the killing of 86 people in the northern French village of Ascq during World War II.

Muenter told journalists in an interview broadcast by German channel ARD last November that those killed in Ascq were themselves to blame for their deaths. He also disputed the fact that the Holocaust claimed the lives of six million Jews.

If convicted, the accused faces up to five years in jail for incitement and two years for disparaging the memory of the deceased.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. This is typical. Commit crimes and when caught you blame someone else and as more time passes deny that a crime was ever committed but this piece of debris will soon land in a place where he will pay for his crimes


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