Germany Outlines New Law Allowing Circumcision


brisGermany’s Justice Ministry has outlined a planned new law that will allow the circumcision of infant boys and end months of legal uncertainty after a local court banned the practice.

The ruling in June by a district court in Cologne outraged Muslims and Jews and sparked an emotional debate in the country, leaving an embarrassed government to promise legislation by the autumn protecting the right to circumcise.

Although the ban applied only to the Cologne region, doctors across the country refused to carry out operations because of what they saw as a risk of legal action.

The outline draft of a new bill states that the operation should take place “with the most effective pain relief possible” and only if parents have been fully informed about the nature of the procedure, a ministry spokesman said.

Generally doctors would carry out circumcisions, but if the baby boy is less than six months old, it can also performed by another qualified person, such as a mohel.

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  1. Please, Matzav, remind us what Rav Lau said re: Germany’s ban on Bris Kodesh! Do you think it was at least partially responsible for their quick turn-around?? Hmmmm!

    He said, “As a young child, I do not recall Germany being so concerned with Jewish blood!” Smacked a Grand – Slam out of the ball park!


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