Germany Searches All Army Barracks For Nazi Material

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Inspections have been ordered at every German army barracks, after Nazi-era memorabilia was found at two of them.

The defense ministry said the command came from the inspector general of the Bundeswehr (Germany’s armed forces).

All barracks will be searched for material linked to the Wehrmacht, the army which served Adolf Hitler.

The move follows a growing scandal over far-right extremism within the army, with an officer accused of plotting an attack disguised as a Syrian refugee.

Officials found Wehrmacht memorabilia openly displayed there in the common room, despite a ban on Nazi symbols.

Spiegel online reported that pictures of Wehrmacht soldiers were found on a wall, along with Nazi pistols, more helmets and military decorations.

Ms Von der Leyen said last Wednesday that she would not tolerate the veneration of the Wehrmacht in today’s army. Read more at BBC.



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