Getty Images Explains Mysterious Caption on Kate Middleton Video

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Getty Images was forced to address a mysterious caption it placed on a video of Kate Middleton announcing her cancer diagnosis, according to Mediaite. Beneath the clip, the media company included a disclaimer that it “may not adhere to Getty Images’ editorial policy.”

The caption reignited fevered speculation by some amateur internet sleuths and conspiracy theorists that the princess’ video statement was made with the use of artificial intelligence. The BBC has said such suggestions are “factually inaccurate,” clarifying that the video was filmed on location at Windsor Castle.

On Tuesday, Getty Images confirmed that its caption on the video is standard procedure for footage the company did not produce itself. In this case, the video was produced by the BBC and Kensington Palace. Earlier this month, photo agencies issued a kill notice on a heavily edited photo of Kate and her three children, for which she claimed full responsibility. Read more.


  1. Kate’s becoming relevant suddenly. Wonder why…


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