Gilad Shalit Turns 24 Years Old Today


gilad-shalitToday is First Sergeant Gilad Shalit’s 24th birthday, according to the Hebrew calendar. This is the fifth Hebrew birthday that Shalit is marking in captivity since he was captured by Muslim terrorists in Gaza. He has spent more than one-sixth of his 24 years in the hands of terrorists who have been using him to bargain for the release of convicted Islamist prisoners in Israel’s jails.

Shalit’s father Noam conducted a news conference Hebrew and Arabic in Yerushalayim today, in an attempt to speak directly to the population in Gaza and the relatives of Hamas prisoners. “As the month of Ramadan and Jewish holidays approaches, I call upon the Palestinian people to come and turn over a new leaf,” he said. “We still support the German mediator’s proposal for release of 1,000 terrorists, 450 of them from Hamas. This will bring an end to the suffering of thousands of Palestinian families and bring back our son Gilad.”

“A thousand prisoners can soon come home and celebrate Ramadan with you,” he said, adding that that “the loss of time does not help our families.” He called on the Arabs in the Palestinian Authority: “Increase the pressure on your leaders just as we are pressuring ours.”

Asked by Arutz Sheva about the possibility that the release of prisoners will lead to the deaths of hundreds or thousands of Israelis, Noam Shalit said: “Neither the Shin Bet nor the Mossad opposed the deal. They have some conditions and stipulations but they do not oppose the deal and neither does the Prime Minister. He opposes several details and gaps that exist…”

“I do not think that the State of Israel cannot deal with a few prisoners and terrorists who will be freed and released to their homes,” the captive’s father added. “We have known, in the past, how to deal with more complex things.”

Read more at Arutz Shevah.

{Arutz Shevah/ Israel}


  1. Dear IDF and Israeli police: Please take a few minutes off your busy schedule, stop beating Jews and throwing Rabbis in prison, stop destroying shuls and Jewish communities, and use this valueable time to go get Shalit out of there.


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