Gingrich: Obama Is Most Dangerous President In American History

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gingrichTulsa, Okla. – Blasting President Obama the “most dangerous president in modern American history,” Newt Gingrich accused the White House of having an attitude towards violent Islamic extremism that puts political correctness above national security.

“Someone was arrested over the weekend for trying to blow up the US Capitol, they happened to be from Morocco,” Gingrich said, referring to the FBI arrest of Amine El Khalifi Friday while he was allegedly en route to commit a suicide bombing. “Under the Obama administration’s willful dishonesty, it would be highly inappropriate to describe what motivated him, because that would somehow be politically incorrect.”

He referred to the Defense Department’s summary report of the Fort Hood shootings, which characterized Major Hasan’s killing of 13 Americans as workplace violence rather than an attack by radical Islam. “Across the planet today, the forces of religious repression are on the march and this administration has intellectually disarmed, it has morally disarmed, it is incapable of describing what threatens us.”

Gingrich said, “Imagine in 1946, we had tried to describe the Soviet Union and the government said you aren’t allowed to used the word communist. Now any honest person knows what motivated somebody who came here. This is not smearing everybody, this is not Islamaphobia.”

The presidential contender characterized the administration of being “willfully dishonest” and then adopting a defense budget “based on that dishonesty.” Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is meeting resistance from lawmakers after putting forth at $614 billion budget proposal for next year, which is nearly $32 billion less than the current budget.

“The president wants to unilaterally weaken the United States, he wants to cut the aid to Israel for its anti-ballistic missile defense, he refuses to take Iran seriously,” Gingrich said, addressing the 4000 people at Oral Roberts University. “We are in a world that is very dangerous, and I say this to those of you who represent the next generation because you’re going to bear the consequences. We are really at risk someday in your lifetime of losing an American city. We should be very sobered by the threats that are around the world. When Ahmadinejad the dictator of Iran gets up an says Israel can be eliminated from the face of the earth, we should assume he means Israel can be eliminated from the face of the earth.” The audience applauded in agreement.

“Defeating Barack Obama becomes in fact a duty of national security because the fact is he is incapable of defending the United States,” Gingrich said.

{Fox News/ Newscenter}


  1. I can’t stand when people say stupid and extreme things to get elected. Gingrich to me sounds alarmist exaggerator and unelectable.

    Bush was a far more dangerous president…..

  2. This is all true but I wish someone else besides Gingrich would say it. He has little credibility and people need to recognize this.

  3. Obama is very dangerous. I fear Americans like him all the time when I go to make certain that my home is still on the map after I get my hospital bills that might make me go bankrupt.

  4. comment number one is totally off the mark.granted he is not dangerous in the obvious sense but gingrich is not an alarmist,and even if you want to discredit him bec of his plans with the moon, it doesnt take away from the truth of his strong national security policies.


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