Gingrich: Obama “Most Effective Food Stamp President In History”

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gingrichGOP Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has reacted to the earlier report that the number of those who use food stamps has jumped to 45,800,000 or nearly 15% of the nation’s population.

“You don’t get out of 9.2% unemployment, you don’t get out of — today it was announced [that] the largest number of Americans [are] on food stamps in history. I’ve said now for six months, this is the most effective food stamp President in history. That sounds like it is an attack, it’s just a statement of fact. It’s just that his administration kills jobs. They are driving Americans onto food stamps. Most Americans would rather have a paycheck,” Gingrich told FOX News’ Greta Van Susteren in an interview on Thursday night.

Gingrich says Obama’s upcoming Midwest bus tour is a “fantasy tour.”

{Real Clear Politics/ Newscenter}


  1. the economy will continue going down no matter what they do. ITS IN THE HANDS OF HASHEM.

    this is the wake-up message from Hashem that its time for ALL YIDDEN to start moving to Eretz yisroel & making aliya. Hence showing Hashem that now-during the 3 weeks-we are not just in mourning for the bais Hamikdosh-we are yearning for it also & showing Hashem by making aliyah to Eretz Yisroel.

    Hence we have 2 choices left from Hashem 1)we can make aliya out of our LOVE FOR HASHEM or 2)we can be forced by Hashem to leave this medina shel chesed-that is now ruled by bnei yishmael i.e. moslem & the last ones to rule us before mashiach comes-& have nowhere else to go but Eretz Yisroel C”V


    BOTTOM LINE: make aliyah NOW TO eretz yisroel towards mashiach & you should go with wealth.

    wait until later & C”V everyone left will be going cause there will be nothing left in the U.S.A. to stay & everyone will go cause we have nothing so why not go to Eretz yisroel where the economy is better.


  2. Thanks to the republicans! I have a memory and remember how good things were before Bush. Obama came in like Hoover ….once the damage was done.
    You can’t mantain a society wealthy if you protect the rich and let the poor fend for themeselves.

  3. The destruction of society is not from offering welfare type scenarios. Its from bigorty and hatred and foolishness. So if you are a republican and want to keep the dimes in your pocket from your $350,000 paycheck, ask yourself which one you might fall into as the children of tomorrow are skimping for bread, bones and the like.

  4. i’m with teshuva movement. This country is doomed. our economy and country is purposely being ruined by this Moslem leader Obama husein Yemach shmo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Top 2 percent of earners pay 38% of all taxes – top 10% pay 70% and the botom 51% pay a big fat zero – take your head out of the sand and look at the facts the rich pay way more then the fair share

  6. Dont worry comment number 6,
    The top 1% earn more than most of the Americans and have the most of the wealth. They will not be lacking in any way, except for maybe that 100 foot yacht or that second jet. Perhaps they can cancel one expensive vacation in their lifetime to help this economy and assist the humanitarian effort of providing for the weak and sick who can not help themselves.
    Remember, Hashem is the one who gave your your attributes and opportunity. Torah requires us not to thank our own strength but to know that our Creator has given us the strengths we have. So if you want to know the truth, your income that you guard so intently is open to the scrutiny of the population as our people were all created as we are by our Creator.

  7. comment No.6

    If you have 100 million dollars you stil will buy shoes a car and a vacation when taxed greatly. but when you have 1000.00 dollars then you have to choose if to pay rent or your electric bill first. We have removed the small buisness in your village by creating walmarts
    they get the money only to the 2% you talk about.


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