Ginzach Kiddush Hashem Launches Holocaust Documentation Initiative


holocaust“Time is running out, this is our opportunity to save the memories of Holocaust survivors,” says Rabbi Dovid Skolsky, director of Ginzach Kiddush Hashem in Bnei Brak, to mark a gigantic documenting operation Ginzach announced this week. “The task incumbent on us is to fulfill the mitzvah of `Zechor es asher osoh lecho Amolek,'” he said. “We must remember the current war of Amolek, the Nazi of our generation. This is an opportunity to save the memories and testimonies of the Holocaust survivors living among us in order to instill Jewish mesirus nefesh for Torah observance in youths and in generations to come.”

Ginzach is calling on families of survivors who have articles, documents, photos and any other items that could shed light on the Holocaust period and the Jewish past to bring them to Ginzach to be documented or copied.

The Ginzach staff says many survivors kept their memories to themselves or shared them only within their immediate surroundings, though only by conveying the memories to the public will future generations know about the period.

Ginzach calls on survivors from all Jewish communities, both from Oriental and Western countries, or their families, to contact Ginzach immediately at 052-760-6040 or by fax at 03-578-7442 to arrange an interview as soon as possible.

“We have already dealt with many cases in which relatives of survivors lamented that had they been able they would have tried to listen and document the memories while it was still possible, but there was no way to turn the clock back,” says Rabbi Skolsky. “Do chessed for the survivors, for the victims and for generations to come by contacting us and helping us carry out the task.”

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  1. Good morning
    Where were you until now , when there is a fraction of survivors left and don’t have the ‘koiach’ to discuss and give over what happend R’L

  2. #2 it s not the same this is from a frum perspective the the msirus nefesh of the frum olom , those who saved yidden , vaad hatzolo , the klausenberger , the bobover ,vechule ,were completely ignored by the secular “historians’


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