WATCH: Close Friend of Rav Yitzchok Kolodetzky In “Pikuach Nefesh” Situation

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This week, Rav Yitzchak Kolodetzky shlita released a personal video message ahead of Rosh Hashanah. A close friend of Rav Kolodetzky, who is a talmid chacham and marbitz Torah, is currently facing a life and death situation which the Rav defines as “pikuach nefesh.”

This man’s son Dudi has been battling cancer after collapsing suddenly in yeshivah several years ago. Medical treatments, long hospital stays, and other expenses have put serious strain on the family’s finances. In a frightening turn of events, Rav Kolodetzky’s friend has also been diagnosed with cancer.

The family has no money to pay for the medication and treatment of their father. They’re in dire straits, with no means to cover daily necessities or medical expenses. The serious pikuach nefesh situation has prompted Rav Kolodetzky himself to film a video message to Klal Yisroel to save the life of his friend. 

In an unusual step, Rav Kolodetzky in the video asks viewers to donate $383 – the exact number of days in the coming year of 5784. In return, the Rav gives a powerful brachah to those who save his friends life: they should merit health, parnassah, success, nachas and good shidduchim in the coming year. 

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