Giuliani: De Blasio Created NYC’s Homeless Crisis


giuliani2New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s policy of allowing the homeless to live on city streets is not only unsanitary, but cruel to homeless people, former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani writes in the New York Post.

“A  city with homeless on its streets is a city that has no love of its people,” the former mayor argues.

Giuliani points out that under his tenure, the homeless were encouraged to seek help rather than sleep, urinate and defecate on the streets.

Rather than returning to the Dark Ages, Giuliani said, “In a humane, decent and civilized city, the problems of the homeless are dealt with through intervention rather than denial.”

No one would treat a family member or friend the way the city is treating the homeless, he said. Instead, an attempt would be made to get the person the help needed, whether it be a job, shelter or a psychological evaluation – even if “tough love” had to be employed.

“Under no circumstances would I leave him an option that does not and should not exist in a loving city — a right to live on the streets,” Giulini said.

He pointed to his own efforts as mayor, which reduced homelessness in the city.

“Under my program, most came in for evaluation and some just left the city,” he said. Read more at NEWSMAX.

{ Newscenter}


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