Giuliani Endorses Turner for Congress


giuliani-turnerFormer New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani yesterday endorsed businessman Bob Turner (R) for congress in the special election for the Queens-Brooklyn congressional seat recently vacated by former Congressman Anthony Weiner (D).

Mayor Giuliani, who cut taxes in New York City more than any mayor in the city’s history, praised Mr. Turner’s strong business and executive credentials and said the long-time television executive’s real-world business skills are exactly what Washington lacks. The Mayor will hold a formal event for Mr. Turner later in the campaign.

“Congress is in dire need of business leaders like Bob Turner, not another career politician,” Mayor Giuliani said. “This country needs to start creating jobs again and Bob Turner has the national and international business know-how to help move us in that direction. I’m proud to join Mayor Ed Koch and others in endorsing Bob Turner for Congress, and I strongly urge Brooklyn and Queens residents to vote for him on September 13th.”

“It is a great honor to be endorsed by two great New York mayors – one a Democrat and one a Republican” Mr. Turner said. “Having Mayors Giuliani and Koch behind my candidacy is a tremendous momentum builder going into next month’s election. Unlike my opponent, David Weprin, who supported the biggest property tax increase in city history, Mayor Giuliani understands, as I do, that middle class New Yorkers need jobs and tax relief. Career politicians like Mr. Weprin will never understand that.”

Mayor Giuliani and Mr. Turner have been outspoken critics of the so-called Ground Zero Mosque, which Mr. Weprin supports. Mr. Turner released a :30 television spot on Thursday called “Send a Message,” contrasting Mr. Weprin’s and President Barack Obama’s (D) support of a Mosque in the shadow of the fallen World Trade Center with Mr. Turner’s firm opposition to the construction, which Turner calls “a purposeful act of provocation.” Mr. Weprin still refuses to criticize a mosque being built in such close proximity to Ground Zero.

Mr. Weprin has sought four separate political offices in the past two years — City Council, City Comptroller, State Assembly, and now Congress. He does not live in the 9th Congressional District, but says he will move in if he wins.

Mr. Turner, who has lived his entire life in the neighborhoods of the 9th Congressional District, is running for Congress to help get America’s economy moving again. His business career has taken him around the globe. He has conducted business and formed programming partnerships in places ranging from Tbilisi to Delhi, Manila to Moscow.

Mr. Turner and Weprin are in a neck-in-neck race, despite a Democratic to Republican registration advantage in the 9th Congressional District greater than 3-1. The Siena Research Poll released a survey yesterday showing Mr. Turner trailing by just six points, 42-48. The special election will be held on Tuesday, September 13.

{ Newscenter}



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  3. To paraphrase R’Yaakov Kamenetsky’s instructions to the Chicago Kollel –
    only take political stands on issues like these (to oppose such candidates).

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