Giuliani To Appear With Bloomberg Sunday At Boro Park Breakfast

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bloomberg-giuliani   Mayor Michael Bloomberg will be joined by his predecessor, Rudy Giuliani, when he attends Sunday’s legislative breakfast of the Jewish Community Council of Boro Park. The appearance stands to benefit both men as Bloomberg heads into the final two weeks of his third campaign for mayor and Giuliani mulls a run for governor next year.

Running as Republicans in a heavily liberal city, both found heavy support in politically conservative Borough Park during their past campaigns. Bloomberg recently became an Independent but is again running on the Republican ballot on Nov. 3.

“Giuliani is testing the waters to see if he is he is still as popular today as he was several years ago,” says Ezra Friedlander, a Borough Park-based political consultant and organizer of the breakfast.

“People sometimes get tired of a politician that served in office eight years ago.”

Bloomberg and Giuliani have rarely appeared together since Bloomberg took office in 2001 with a crucial Giuliani endorsement. In the traumatic months after 9/11, Giuliani’s backing was crucial to Bloomberg’s narrow victory against Democrat Mark Green, as the mayor was being praised across the nation for his firm but compassionate response to the terror attack.

That luster seemed to have faded during Giuliani’s 2008 presidential bid, which imploded after a risky Hail-Mary strategy of focusing on Florida, after which he withdrew and backed Arizona Sen. John McCain in the Republican primary.

In 2005, Giuliani appeared, together with Democrat Ed Koch, at a breakfast for Jewish community leaders to urge a strong turnout for Bloomberg, despite his large lead in the polls against Democrat Fernando Ferrer.

Friedlander said that being linked to Giuliani again could further cement Bloomberg’s popularity among pro-Israel Jews.
“Giuliani is considered a very strong supporter of the State of Israel and people look up to someone with strong credentials on issues pertaining to security and terrorism,” he said. “That can only reinforce Bloomberg’s image as someone who would continue to do a good job in that realm.”

Bloomberg’s Democratic opponent, Comptroller William C. Thompson, will also campaign at a Jewish venue in Brooklyn Sunday, speaking at the Avenue N Jewish Center that evening.

Giuliani is also scheduled to appear with Bloomberg at an Oct. 22 Republican fundraiser in the Bronx.

In Tuesday’s debate, both men were asked if Giuliani would make a good governor of New York. Bloomberg said yes, Thompson, no.

 {By Adam Dickter, Assistant Managing Editor of The Jewish Week}

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