Giuliani Urges Trump To Declare BLM A Domestic Terror Organization

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Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani urged President Trump to declare Black Lives Matter (BLM) a domestic terror organization Monday on “The Story.”

“I can’t understand why major American corporations are giving money to Black Lives Matter, which is run by three Communists who are avowed terrorists,” said Giuliani, appearing to reference a 2015 video in which BLM co-founder Patrice Cullors stated “we are trained Marxists.”

“The president should consider, very carefully, declaring Black Lives Matter a domestic terrorist organization,” the former mayor went on. “Today they had four or five beatings they took part in, they’ve been recorded saying that police officers should be murdered and killed. And one of their members this weekend defended looting as [something] people are entitled to do … because they have no bread.”

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  1. And when they are caught engaging in violent crime, they should be dealt with by police using lethal force. If they do not face death while committing these crimes and atrocities, they are being rewarded and encouraged. I anticipate the lawsuits from the liberal mayors and governors on this, and look forward to watching their shame when they publicly side with criminals and against law enforcement.

  2. Giuliani is 100% right

    BLM is a domestic terror organization.

    They themselves don’t even deny supporting terrorist tactics.

    Even so declaring them a terror organization, particular right before the elections, when the media will exploit this to death (literally!!!) is a lot less likely to make them go away and will make them even more of a mainstream organization among Democrats

  3. BLM are the Nazis of the early 30’s. Must be stopped ASAP. As the old saying goes, “He who does not learn from the past is doomed to repeat them.”

  4. I’ve been calling out BLM since 2014. The three founders are every bit as extreme as portrayed here. And their inspiration is a convicted cop-killer now living as a fugitive in Cuba. But most BLM supporters have no idea who these people are or what they represent. And the repeated examples of police racism, corrupt, and brutality ought to have been opposed by all. (I have personally seen the first two in my own dealings with NYPD.)

  5. The one thing Trump should not do would be to declare BLM a domestic terrorist organization, because that would induce the democratic mob to promptly declare BLM as true patriots and upbraid Trump for being racist and a bigot. On the other hand, if Trump declares BLM to be a valid and useful organization that would trigger the woke mobs to boycott and “cancel” BLM.


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