Giuliani: White House Sending ‘Very Foggy’ Message On the Middle East


giuliani2Accusing the White House of sending a “very foggy” message to the Middle East, Rudy Giuliani said the administration needs to publicly amp up support for Israel, has fallen “behind the curve” on Libya, and should be doing more to encourage regime-toppling revolutions in places like Iran.

The former New York City mayor, who is weighing a run for president, spoke with POLITICO after returning from a three-day stint in the Jewish state, where he spoke at the Haifa Chamber of Commerce and met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, among others.

“With all that’s going on in the Middle East, the U.S. first of all has to appreciate even more the state of Israel as a country that is a stable democracy,” Giuliani said. “What we see throughout the Middle East right now… [is that] Israel remains the sole source of stability for that entire region, and our support for Israel has always been there, but this is probably a time at which we should emphasize that support.”

Giuliani is the latest potential GOP hopeful to visit Israel in the lead-up to the 2012 campaign. Haley Barbour, Mike Huckabee, Haley Barbour and George Pataki have all made recent sojourns as well.

Giuliani, who was very vocal in support of Israel as New York’s mayor, said he encountered up close a sense from Israelis that the U.S. backing for the Jewish state isn’t as strong as it could be – a constant refrain from some Jewish leaders in America. Obama last week met with a group of Jewish leaders at the White House amid some of those concerns.

As for the uprisings that have been sweeping across the Arab world, Giuliani said the White House is sending a “foggy message” to the region, adding that he’d “like to see the administration use this opportunity… to define democracy and freedom as being about not just elections, but about the principles of a democratic society so that the elections mean something.”

He mentioned ensuring “the principles of the rule of law, court guarantees for the rights of women, those things have to be in place because if you have elections without them, you run the risk of having what you had in the Palestinian Authority, with Hamas taking over. … It would be a democracy, but the insane would get elected.”

Giuliani cited Libyan strongman Moamar Ghadafi as an example, and suggested the Obama administration is “behind the curve” when it comes to the unrest there.

“I don’t see a downside” to trying to boost the insurgents, Giuliani said, adding it could be beneficial in places like Iran, Syria and, elsewhere in the world, like China.

“Why shouldn’t we take advantage of this and [support] the same type of thing happening in” places like Iran and Syria, he said. “I haven’t heard that from the administration, and the president needs to do that because he’s left a certain amount of confusion.”

He added, “They said they didn’t jump aboard the situation in Libya right away because they were afraid that that would make it impossible to get Americans out of Libya. … Now, what you’re saying to these authoritarian goverments is, ‘Keep Americans then,’ because if you keep Americans there then you neutralize America.”

He suggested that France was much quicker to speak up about the situation in Libya, while still pulling French citizens out of the increasing violence there.

“It looks like America is behind the curve and that’s not a place for America to be if we are… the bastion for freedom and democracy,” Giuliani said.

{Capitol News Company/ Newscenter}


  1. Guiliani’s NON foggy, Chrystal clear message in the middle east from 2001 till today was Bush’s same message : ” Killing americans by sending them to war and subjecting the wounded to a lifetime of pain was the correct decision …even though the American WMD inspection team had complete run of Iraq and told the president to hold off on the war because there was nothing going on in Iraq that was building to an immanent or NON immanent threat ( as George Tenet assured the Bush Adminstration BEFORE the WAR )
    So Guilliani is the loser for 10 years and should be ignored.

  2. Really relevant to the article, Orwell. You’re such a ridiculous idealogue. Try thinking instead of looking for excuses to write someone off because he’s Republican.


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