Giuliani’s Advice for Trump: ‘You Have One Person to Attack: Hillary Clinton’

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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani advised Donald Trump on today to just attack Hillary Clinton and to let himself and other surrogates “attack everybody else,” THE DAILY CALLER reports.

Appearing on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” Giuliani defended Trump arguing, “There’s a big difference between what Donald Trump did and Hillary Clinton lying directly to Gold Star mothers.”

“My advice to Donald would be very simple,” Giuliani said. “You have one person: Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama because it’s the Obama administration. Let all of us, myself, Gingrich, Christie, this whole army, let us attack everybody else.”



  1. Work targets are special. If you can get them out of the business, they will never come back huh?

    I guess that Ms. Clinton who is not the favorite of the world of GOP ready hate rage is so angry in the work place that even the pens of the worse mention are ready to click off her skills.

    She is orthodox in her mood and her mentioned choices of easy thought today. I guess that the anti-liberal hate fest has taken the hate even a step further. The orthodox feelings of a polite society are at risk of hate in this day of “hate your neighbor and check his work forms too”.

    The world can see that the enemy is planning a major change for America. Trump is to be offered no vote.

    Scary. Hillary is going to be good.

    Pretty soon it will be 2020. If the World can see 20/20 too it will be good. Outcomes for orthodoxy can be the world that is no longer looking for the same hate as it has for years gone by.

    The worth of tomorrow is always the better of today. Lets get there and have a good president.

    Giuliani is clearly a guy who did not make it to the highest of offices. We wont want him discussing it either.

    Share more enthusiasm. This day is not over.

    Please more hope and vote for the orthodox feelings of good faith in human trust tomorrow. Vote Clinton.

  2. Please Charlie stop hiding Hillary is such a pathetic and pathological liar and it seems to bother none of you I guess birds of a feather flock together what on earth does she have to do with orthodox unless u meant “un” orthodox remember the lady who promised that if her husband was guilty she would not tolerate it


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