Giuliani’s Presence Met With Boos At Yankee Stadium

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President Trump’s lawyer and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was loudly booed at Yankee Stadium’s Memorial Day game on Monday, his 74th birthday.

After the Yankees’ PA announcer said the former GOP presidential candidate was in the stands and wished him a happy birthday, the crowd erupted into boos.

The Hill


  1. כפויי טובה

    They should have hakoras hatov for all he did for NYC. Would they like to return to the Dinkins era?

    • Hakoras hatov from a city flooded with liberal loonies? Anyone not in line with their style of “living” a lawless life is booed. Giuliani is like President Trump who’s trying to make America great again. But these Hillary-people who continue voting corrupt Democrats would prefer Dinkins. Yes.

  2. I find that very disrespectful. Rudy did a great job when he was Mayor. He turned the entire city around. No one can argue that fact. Where is their common courtesy? It just shows how shallow these Yankees/sports fans in general are. They have become so brainwashed by the immoral media.

  3. memories are very short too bad they don’t remember 9/11 and he was one of the hero’s, for the city went crazy he was the Island of sanity and got the city under control and they started healing. Hate blinds people and destroys their minds, since he is attached to Trump now they hate him, before Giuliani was a hero he helped save New York City. With this latest Mayor if something happened the city would go into chaos, there is no backbone.

    • Agreed. And as a Jew, I will always be grateful for his recognizing Arafat as a terrorist and having him evicted from a Lincoln Center concert.


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