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The opportunity to save a life doesn’t come to everyone, but for Lechaim it’s routine.

Nobody wants to go on an oncology journey but, if they need it, the sooner they start, the better. Early diagnosis drastically improves outcomes. Unfortunately, under the UK’s National Health Service, rapid access to testing isn’t always possible and it can take weeks or even months to get a diagnosis and begin treatment.

Fortunately for the Jewish community in Manchester, since Lechaim’s inception in 2018, there’s no need to wait. Lechaim facilitates early access to tests and investigations by funding them privately. In a situation where every day makes a difference, this undoubtedly saves lives, not to mention saving people the agonies of waiting and worrying.

Rabbi X phoned Lechaim at 10:00 am to say his daughter of 8 had been having headaches and showing signs of confusion and the doctor wanted a brain MRI scan. The waiting time on the NHS was several weeks but, thanks to Lechaim, Little Miss X had a private appointment at 1:30 pm, was in the scanner at 2:00pm and had her diagnosis by 5:00pm, ready to move onto treatment.

Mr Y found a lump which needed investigating. Someone close to him had been through this and Mr Y knew how serious it could be. Every hour that he waited for tests he was ‘a nervous wreck’, as he imagined all kinds of scenarios. On the NHS, he would have been in that state for weeks. With Lechaim’s help, he only had to wait a few days for all the necessary tests and investigations, before, B’H, receiving the good news that it was not malignant.

Building on their success, Lechaim is now looking at ways to improve patients’ experience during treatment and follow-up.

Over the years, many Jewish patients have accessed care at The Christie in Manchester – leading experts in cancer care, research and education and one of the largest centres of its type in Europe. Lechaim has developed a relationship with The Christie and to show appreciation, raise the profile of our community and build a more positive connection we would like to show that we value and appreciate all they do for us by helping them raise money for their amazing charity.

Lechaim hopes that this fundraiser on the will be very successful. The monies raised will go to Lechaim and The Christie.

To date Lechaim have assisted in over 80 cases since the inception and 17 diagnoses r’l. of cancer.

For a chance to share in the double merits of Pikuach Nefesh and Bikur Cholim, join our campaign by contributing to this campaign.

Written by Rivka Rochel Meyer


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