Giving Birth on 10/10/10

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babyRav Borshtein, the head of Machon Puah, has been asked a number of times leading up to today – 10/10/10 – if it is halachically acceptable to induce labor in order to give birth on this day.

Many people see no reason why anybody would care that their child should be born specifically on this day simply because of how someone chooses to abbreviate the date, but people do silly things, and it seems plenty of people do care about these things.

Rav Borshtein’s answer is that one cannot induce labor to give birth on 10/10/10 for three reasons:

1. The English date has no significance.

2. Inducing labor is dangerous and can cause the need for an emergency C-section.

3. The real birthday has siyata diShmaya attached to it, and changing the birthday would force the baby to be born with no siyata diShmaya, so to speak. Even though giving birth nowadays is not really dangerous and the percentages of deaths is very small, it is still putting the mother and baby into an element of danger.

Rav Borshtein says that, in general, inducing labor should only be done for medical reasons.

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  1. #6, where did that come from? If you have an halachic disagreement with the rav, please raise it. What others may or may not be doing doesn’t seem relevant.

  2. Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l has a Teshuva in which Rav Moshe says one should not induce labor for reasons other than medically mandated ones because each child has a proper time to be born -a mazal and changing the mazal can cause sever problems and even chas vsahlom lead to loss of life.
    Ain Mazal LYisroel does not mean we do not have one…… we DO,each of us is born in a certain mazal (constellation and formation of the heavenly bodies). Ain mazal LYisroel means we are not absolutely locked into the attributes and characteristics of that mazal. Through Tefillah and Maasim Tovim we can rise above the Mazal. as Avraham Avinu did.
    Rav Moshe was responding to a woman who wanted to induce labor to give birth 2 weeks early to guarantee she could be personally present at her sisters Chassunah. Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l replied she should not. The proper birth time of the child as determined by Hashem is paramount. If Rav Moshe took it so seriously, no one should even think of making light of it.

  3. i read in The Book of out Heritage

    that we as Jew should refrain from using numbers (1-12) for the Secular months

    Because the Torah refers to the Hebrew months by their numbers

  4. What is so significant about a secular date? It has no meaning or relevancy to us and inducing labor is detrimental to a child’s mazal.Some people are just plain meshuga to want their child to be born on a specific date. They should be happy to have a child born in its proper time, easily and healthy.

  5. My daughter happened to be born on 07/07/07 (it was Shabbos, too!) and the nurses told us that many people (not frum people) had scheduled c-sections davka for that Saturday -Lucky 7’s. Go figure! When it’s time, it’s time!


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