Glenn Beck: “If Israel Is Forced To Give Up Jerusalem, It Will Be Over For Freedom In The World”


glenn-beckTalkshow host Glenn Beck took the first few minutes of yesterday’s program – broadcast live from Israel – to elaborate on why Israel and Yerushalayim are so important to his message of protecting man’s freedom. After all, with rising gas prices, high unemployment, and out of control government spending – how can Glenn justify spending so much of his broadcast time on a small country halfway around the world full of people most Americans will never meet?

“I will tell you I believe that Jerusalem is the beginning of the end for man’s freedom. It is the end game. If Israel is forced to give up Jerusalem, it will be over for freedom in the world. And I will explain that over the coming days. It’s quite a statement. But I believe it to be true,” Glenn said.

“Amazing things are happening and what I have said for the last few years, that these are the best of times, these are the worst of times. Prepare to see actual miracles. I think those times are coming, and I cannot wait to announce. We have one more piece to put into place before we announce some very exciting things. But you are going to be given a chance to stand.”

Glenn has some big announcements coming that tie into his trip to Israel, and he asked listeners to trust him and that he would reveal more once all the pieces were in place. (Be sure to connect with Glenn on Facebook and the newsletter to get these announcements delivered when we have them).

“I’m just beginning to see the outlines of why this is so important,” Glenn explained.

But what are some the reasons this is so important? Glenn has been warning for a while that “Israel is being set up.”

“I get on the plane and I read this headline in the paper. Now, this is the English edition of an Israeli paper. It says right here, ‘Israel must present two state plan or prepare for violence, J Street warns. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu must present a two state plan for a solution to congress this month or face a prospect of fresh violence’,” Glenn read.

“Now, this is the head of J Street. Does anybody remember what J Street is? J Street is an organization that definitely does not take any money from George Soros, none. Doesn’t take it. Doesn’t take it. Until I think this story was somebody hacked into their files and released them and showed that, yes, indeed, they take a ton of money from George Soros. And then they said, well, it’s not very much money,” Glenn said.

“And then it came out that it was 60% of their money was coming from George Soros. That’s who J Street is,” Glenn said.

What does a division of Jerusalem represent? Glenn explained how an attack on Israel and Jerusalem would be a continuation of attacks against different symbols and pillars of man’s freedom.

“All of the major religions in the world, Muslim, Christian, Judaism, all three of them center in Jerusalem.”

“They attacked the World Trade Center for a reason. What was it? It was a symbol of our monetary power.”

“The next target was the Pentagon. Why did they attack the Pentagon? Because it was a symbol of our power.”

“The last one to attack is Jerusalem. It is the symbol of so much power. It is not their most sacred site. It is a sacred site and the root of all of us. It cannot be lost. It cannot be lost.”

Glenn warned that an attack on Jerusalem and Israel would not just be an attack on the Jewish people, it would be an attack on members of all the Abrahamic religions which trace their history to the covenant made between God and Abraham: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

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  1. Not that I don’t appreciate Glenn Beck’s pro-Israel sentiments, but doesn’t he seem just a little bit nuts?

  2. Mr torahyidks: that sounds so diplomatic, not! Why don’t you just say thank you instead of mocking our few staunch friends we have?

  3. This may be a real scary idea that there would be a loss of Jerusalem, but of course if you do have a true Faith in your Creator, how could such a situation be possible. That said, Mr. Beck is making some progress and this warning is worth his trip to Israel, I think, right? Good Job, Glenn Beck, we await more of your chalkboard lectures at home very soon! Thanks.

  4. Glen Beck is a friend of Israel, at the same time, he is complelty (not partially) out of his mind there is no stirah

  5. message from Hashem in Zecharia is that Yerushalyim will be divided in half before Mashiach comes. i.e. ITS GOING TO HAPPEN NO MATTER WHAT. the only question is WHEN? & thats up to us, depending on how fast klal yisroel does teshuva… may it be VERY SOON.
    many more messages in Zecharia of what will happen before mashiach comes. open it up & see for yourself & WATCH IT ALL HAPPENING NOW (IN TODAYS GENERATION)


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