Glenn Beck is Fasting for Ted Cruz

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Glenn Beck took to Facebook yesterday to announce an unusual plan after Ted Cruz lost in the South Carolina primary last night.

“I would like to ask you to join me and my family Monday in a fast for Ted Cruz, our country and the Nevada caucus,” he wrote, in hopes that this would help Cruz win in the upcoming contest.



  1. Rib steaks not eaten. Maybe a pig got a new life. It might have been Ted.

    No religion and bad gold is still not the blessving of being holy.

    Trump is the wallet that walks.

    Seriously, cute story.

  2. Beck has called upon his fellow Christians to join him in being the “righteous among the nations.” I have listened tp him a lot recently. I believe that he is as good as anyone without Torah can be and that, perhaps, a fast (to merit the proper president) may be appropriate.

  3. I give him a lot of respect. Someone who actually cares for the country and sees a large swath of the counry rolling down the cliff. It makes no sense and he’s come to he conclusion that ein lunu ol mi lihushuein… Sadly he got his religion all mixed up…

  4. The shaila is, does he have to have krias hatorah by mincha? When was the neder chal? Can he break the fast on any given day or must he be mater neder first?

  5. Did not work for President James Buchanan;

    ” I designate Friday, the 4th of January 1861, for this purpose, and recommend that the People assemble on that day, according to their several forms of worship, to keep it as a solemn Fast.”


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