Glenn Beck: Racist Sterling Gets Banned, But NBA’s Killers and Abusers Get Off

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glenn-beckOn Tuesday, NBA commissioner Adam Silver held a press conference to hand down a lifetime ban and $2.5 million fine to Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Silver also called on the NBA Board of Governors to exercise its authority to force a sale of the team. Sterling, who has owned the Clippers for nearly 30 years, had been under investigation by the NBA for alleged comments in which he repeatedly asks an acquaintance, who is both black and Mexican, why she associates with “minorities” and instructs her “not to bring [black people] to my games.”

Glen has had trouble reconciling the various calls for Sterling being forced out of the league. Now that the official opinion has been handed down, on radio, Glenn explained that while Sterling is undoubtedly a “dirt bag,” the free market should have decided Sterling and the franchise’s ultimate fate.

“I watched ESPN quite a bit yesterday, and I didn’t hear one single person say, ‘Can we stop a second and look at: Is this the right thing to do,'” Pat said. “It feels good [to ban him], and that’s why everybody went with: ‘The guy is a [bad person]. We all realize that. But do you take his team away because you want to show what a [bad person] he is in his private life?”

Glenn took particular issue with the swiftness in which Sterling was punished. Again, while Sterling’s comments were offensive, they were made in what he believed to be a private conversation. Meanwhile, professional athletes often make headlines for engaging in violent acts towards women and other crimes, but such actions are swept under the rug. Glenn found the double standard troubling.

“Here’s the two problems I have. Aren’t there like [abusers], killers, wife beaters, serial [liars], guys who [are irresponsible fathers], …and then just bashed the woman’s head into the side of the elevator,” Glenn asked. “I mean the NBA is not exactly squeaky clean, and if you’re going to hold up moral turpitude, then you should hold it up for everybody.

“I would like to see the case. I don’t know, maybe there is a case to be made. But make the case to me that beating…a woman is not worse saying horrible things in private,” Stu agreed. “So if you can’t make that case, then promise me in the future that every time one of these guys gets in trouble, one of your players, A, the players are all going to rally around and say they need to be eliminated from the league. And B, I want press conferences. I want everything under your power to pressure them to never be able to enter an NBA arena ever again.”

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  1. and where is freedom of voicing an opinion, no matter how stupid and ignorant?
    there is no more free speech in america!
    we live in a communist country where if you do not agree with mainstream liberals you get fined.

    where does that leave us Jews when we have different opinions regarding alternate lifestyles… when are we going to be fined for saying what the Torah says…?
    metzitza bipeh?

  2. It’s different. He insulted the players themselves. If he doesn’t want blacks coming to the nba then who exactly is going to play the game?

  3. #1- why don’t you evaluate what Glen Beck said on the merit of his arguments, instead of making fun of him in such a childish way. What do you think of his analysis? Does it make sense to you or not?

  4. Riley Cooper made similar statements to Donald Sterling.

    Sterling is being forced out. Cooper gets a new, richer contract.

    Both are white.


  5. Obama’s America: Rampant self-righteous anti-racist rants while other racism openly persists. You hear me, Al Sharpton?

  6. #3
    The NBA is a private group, the 1st amendment doesn’t protect you versus a private group.

    To put it into perspective. You have every right to say that Apple products are superior to Microsoft products. And microsoft has every right to fire an employee of theirs who says that, and they can’t be sued for wrongful termination.

  7. 10: What if microsoft only fires workers who praise Apple, but doesn’t fire workers who beat their wives? Sound OK to you? Just because someone has a right to discriminate against white owners doesn’t mean that that makes our society look too good.

  8. #10:
    You might be correct if your hypothetical Microsoft employee made his remarks publicly.

    Here, we are talking about a private conversation that was surreptitiously recorded and then given to the media, after which the speaker was publicly pilloried, fined and then stripped of his livelihood (how rich he is or isn’t doesn’t matter).

    It makes not one whit of difference how disgusting his private remarks were. The net result is a complete negation of the right to free speech, and the mindless, spineless mainstream media couldn’t care less – until it happens to them.

  9. #12
    I’d be correct even if his remarks were made privately.

    If the COO of a company bad mouths his own company, or his clients, he can’t get fired? Only if his comments are public?

    The recording of the conversation is a separate issue. One that was probably done illegally, and if so, I hope she gets into trouble for it.

    Maybe we should take this as a reminder that everything we say and do gets recorded, and played back to us during din v’cheshbon


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