Glenn Beck Spars With Bill O’Reilly About President Obama’s Ground Zero Visit, Calls It “Shameless”


beck-obamaGlenn Beck’s praise for President Obama certainly didn’t last long. Days after thanking the commander-in-chief for authorizing the killing of Osama bin Laden, the conservative host ripped Obama and his visit to Ground Zero as “shameless.”

Beck sarcastically told fellow Fox News host Bill O’Reilly on Friday that the President wasn’t letting a “good crisis go to waste,” fresh of his earlier remarks that the trip was an “obscene” “victory lap” for Obama.

O’Reilly said Beck was being too harsh on Obama. “Anything that draws attention to the suffering of the 9/11 families is worth it,” he said.

“I thought he did it in an understated way,” O’Reilly added, referring to Obama, who met with 9/11 families and first responders after
participating in a wreath-laying ceremony at the World Trade Center site on Thursday.

Beck, who recently announced his rating-struggling talk show will end this year, then insisted President Obama’s visit to Ground Zero was
brazen given his support of a mosque’s construction near Ground Zero.

He also roped in the current administration’s decision to not release photos of the Bin Laden’s corpse.

“Here’s a guy who says ‘I don’t want to inflame the Muslim world with pictures of Osama bin Laden,’ but he’ll release 2,000 pictures from Abu

Beck also took issue with some Americans celebrating the U.S. raid in a way that promotes a “culture of death,” referring to Americans seen
chanting “U.S.A., U.S.A!”

O’Reilly disagreed, saying the crowds were celebrating the triumph of good over evil.

And what about the falling confetti and marching band Beck brought to his show earlier this week after the announcement of Bin Laden’s death.

“It was to make a point,” he insisted. “What are we marching for? Are celebrating death or a job well done?”

{NY Daily News/ Newscenter}



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