Glenn Beck Warns America Of ‘Violent Revolutionary’ Bill De Blasio

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bill-de-blasioGlenn Beck warned America this week about a “Marxist communist with a history of supporting terrorism” who will most likely be New York City’s next mayor.

Beck says de Blasio makes “Herr Bloomberg” “look like Sam Adams.”

Beck’s concern about the mayoral candidate was prompted by the New York Times cover story from 10 days ago about a young de Blasio’s trip to support the Sandinistas in Nicaragua in the 1970s.

“By the way, I don’t ask you to believe me. Do your own homework on this,” Glenn says at the end of TheBlaze segment, which Gothamist flagged Wednesday morning.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Lets see how many allegedly heimish politicians and machers make nice to this detestable candidate for their own political benefit.

  2. for a couple of programs, people will sell out the city.
    we should all be terrified of what will be with deblasio as mayor. Dinkins 2. back then, we didnt know any better, now however, when weve come to see what a city should be like, how can we go back??
    a real pachad

  3. All the recent attacks on De Blasio have just served to increase his lead in the polls. Lhota needs to give people a reason to vote for him

  4. I agree with commenter #5. Lhota needs to get his message out better. This is a very bad turn for NYC, if this lefty de Blasio gets elected to office. I am horrified that we consider kowtowing to him.


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