Glitch Leaves Millions of Israelis Without Cell Phone Service


cell-phoneMillions of Israelis around Israel were left unable to make cell phone calls or send text messages today, when a technical glitch brought down the servers of Cellcom – one of the big three Israeli cellular phone companies.Cellcom said today that the halt in services had been caused by a fundamental and complex network problem.

“There is a problem in the heart of the system,” a spokesman for the company told the Israeli media.

Cellcom said that there was “a temporary difficulty for some customers in making and receiving phone calls.”

“We are now working on restoring full service in the shortest time possible,” the company said.

Israel is one of the biggest users of mobile phones in the world, with a reported 1.38 cell phones per capita.

{Haaretz/ Israel-Y Alpert}


  1. Living in Israel, and as a costumer of Cellcom kosher phones, I find this picture a ludicrous choice! What did your graphic artist have in mind?


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