Global COVID-19 Deaths Top 4 Million

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The global COVID-19 death toll has crossed four million, with the worst of the pandemic only just starting to hit some parts of the Asia-Pacific and cases rising again in the United States.

The more infectious Delta virus variant is accelerating outbreaks, and while some nations have started easing restrictions, the World Health Organization warned the world was at a “perilous point”.

With fears growing about the spread of the virus, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced Thursday that the capital Tokyo will be under a state of emergency throughout the Olympics.

“The more infectious Delta variant now accounts for around 30% of cases,” Japan’s virus response minister Yasutoshi Nishimura had said before the emergency announcement.

The emergency will run until August 22, but it will be far looser than the lockdowns seen in other parts of the world such as Australia.

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  1. Really? 4 million people died from a non-existent virus? Whoever believes this nonsense should get the vax asap so that they not become the 4 million +1.


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