Gmail Undo – The Solution for Someone With a Quick Click

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gmail-logoGmail comes through again with another new feature that is very useful.Undo.

They now give you 5 seconds to realize you changed your mind and did not really want to send that email. What used to be a built in delay of 5 seconds before gmail actually delivered your email, is now turned into a feature that allows you to change your mind within those 5 seconds. All you have to do is click the “Undo” link where it says it is sending your message.

You have to enable this feature in Google Labs, but  it is totally useful .You just have to be quick – you have to realize right away that you did not mean to send that email just yet, and also be quick to click the link.

5 seconds might just not be enough, but any longer than that and users would be complaining that email delivery is slow. Think about it. You obviously cant undo a sent message after it gets delivered. If it would take more than a few seconds to deliver an email, allowing you more time to undo, you would complain how long they take to deliver your message.

One future adjustment to this feature that can add to it and make it even better is allowing you to set in the settings of your mailbox how much time to wait – how many seconds – before delivering your email. You would be able to set 10 seconds, 30 seconds, or whatever you think is reasonable for your demands on email usage. That would allow you to decide how much time to have for your undo.

Note: If you have “Offline Gmail” enabled, the “Undo” will not work.

Way to go Google.

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