Goal Setting Can be As Easy As A.B.C.


Leadership and Time Management Update from H. LEINER & CO.

Using the ABCDE METHOD will allow you to more easily accomplish your goals. How does this work?

After you write down your list of goals each day, put an A, B, C, D, or E next to it before you begin to work.

A: Something very important that you must do or you will face serious consequences. It could be visiting a key donor or finish a report for your boss that he needs for an upcoming board meeting.

B: Something that you should do, but it only has mild consequences if you don’t do it. It could be returning a phone call or checking your e-mail. You should never do a “B” task before an “A” task is completed.

C: Something that would be nice to do, but you don’t face any work consequences if you don’t do it. It could be having lunch with a coworker or giving a friend a call.

D: Something you can delegate to someone else, so you can spend more time on the “A” tasks, which only you can do. It could be labeling envelopes or looking up a client’s contact information.

E: Something that you can get rid of, because it’s not important or relevant anymore, even if it was necessary at some point. It could be something you continue to do because of habit or enjoyment.

Once you assign letters to each task, the trick is to start with the “A” tasks. Knowing the alphabet really comes in handy here. Don’t skip letters.

By doing your “A” tasks first, and not going on to other jobs until those are completed, you will accomplish much more and have more self-respect because you prioritized the important tasks.

(Brian Tracy, Eat That Frog! 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time)


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