Goebbels’ Secretary Unrepentant After 71 Years

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After relating the story of her life in a recent movie at the ripe of age of 105, Joseph Goebbels’ former secretary, Brunhilde Pomsel, spoke to the British Guardian newspaper and said that she had no reason to be repentant. She stressed at the interview, “It is absolutely not about clearing my conscience.”

“I didn’t do anything other than type in Goebbels’ office,” she claimed.

“Those people nowadays who say they would have stood up against the Nazis, I believe they are sincere in meaning that, but believe me, most of them wouldn’t have,” she insisted.

She claimed that she knew nothing of the ultimate fate of the Jews until after the war, thinking that they were being resettled in the east.

“I know no one ever believes us nowadays; everyone thinks we knew everything,” she said. “We knew nothing; it was all kept well secret.”

Pomsel had a Jewish friend, Eva Löwenthal, whose life became increasingly difficult before the war. But she never knew what happened to her until she visited the Berlin Holocaust Museum in 2005 and found in its records that her friend was deported to Auschwitz in 1943 and died in 1945.

“The list of names on the machine on which we found her just kept on rolling non-stop down the screen,” she recalled.

Meanwhile, the German Bild daily reported that according to German historian Oliver Hilmes, Goebbels’ wife, Magda, had a Jewish father, businessman Richard Friedlander, who adopted her in 1908.

Holmes backed his theory with document in which Friedlander testifies, “Magdalena, born on November 11, 1901, is my daughter.”

At her first wedding in 1921, Magda struck her father’s surname off her identity card. She married Joseph Goebbels in 1931. Years later, Goebbels wrote in a 1934 diary entry of a “shocking” discovery that roiled his family. Hilmes theorizes that this may have been the paternal document he discovered.

Magda broke off contact from her father and he was sent to Buchenwald in 1938, where he died a year later.

Magda also had a close friendship with Zionist leader Chaim Arlosoroff and for a while even wore a necklace embellished with a Magen Dovid which he gave her as a gift.

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  1. While I agree with the feeling of other commenters, I have to say that I think this subhuman is correct when pointing out that most loudspeaking selfrighteous false indignants would have cooperated with the nazis and perhaps would even have enjoyed doing so.

  2. Although I am completely with the sentiment of everyone here… Hshem is the ultimate judge… who knows what she knew or did not know. Obviously she did not care nor does she care now… a vacuous person, a waste of a human being. I don’t care about her life either way.. Hshem has many sticks… … We should be zoiche to see the punishment of her nation of “tzadikim” and I believe with all those “refugees” streaming in and “taking over”.. it is coming to them…I really believe with emunah shleima that Hshem will bring the ultimate justice upon them…


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