GOODNESS: Schools Open By September? Cuomo Says He’s Not There Yet

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It is unclear if New York schools can open by September as a new disease potentially linked to COVID-19 emerges in children, Nick Reisman reports at NY State of Politics.

Governor Andrew Cuomo on Thursday in an interview with WAMC said he was yet to make a decision on schools reopening either for summer session or in September.

“I’m not there yet,” Cuomo said. “Every two weeks the situation changes. Children were not infected, now we’re looking at 103 cases where children are developing an inflammatory syndrome.”

Cuomo added, “Parents are going to have a very different attitude about schools,” referringĀ to a new respiratory virus found in children, with more than 100 cases in New York. Three children have died.

NY State of Politics



  1. Nuts. The new b’h treatable syndrome in children is not from new coronavirus spread. It’s an after affect of the spread that stopped. I’ve totally lost my confidence in democrats in government to do the right thing for this country. They will let this country get destroyed rather then taking a chance to allow the economy to recover – because it would help Trump. Irresponsible leadership.

    • Even if this syndrome is always and completely curable, on which I would not bet my children’s lives, do you think it’s nice and good for a child to be attached to all sort of machines, subject to all sort of scary and painful procedures, separated from their parents and family, attended by medical personnel who can’t even talk to them (because with a papr or supplied air system you cant hear / be heard) and maybe the child is not even old enough to read and write which is the only way to communicate?


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