Google Announces Startups Selected for Its Tel Aviv Accelerator


Google announced on Tuesday the eight startups selected for the first official cohort of its Tel Aviv accelerator program Google Startup Growth Lab. During the four-month program, startup executives will meet with experts from Google to receive training and support for scaling up and expanding to global markets.

The selected startups are Tel Aviv-based business intelligence startup Oribi; Tel Aviv-based insurtech company Aktibo Solutions; Tel Aviv-based vacation rental property management company Guesty; Tel Aviv-based gut microbiome analysis startup DayTwo; New York and Tel Aviv-based business-to-business payment management startup Meilo (incorporated as Sizzers); Tel Aviv-based travel booking startup Bookaway (incorporated as Travelertick); Kfar Saba-based project management startup Proggio (incorporated as Project Map); and Tel Aviv-based urinalysis startup




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