Google Discovers Major iPhone Security Flaw That Affected Thousands

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Google Project Zero, a group that examines and publishes security and privacy exploits it finds in public software, said on Thursday evening there were huge security holes in iPhone software that existed for two years. The exploits gave attackers access to photos, location information, private messages and more.

The flaws were fixed in February when Apple released iOS 12.1.4 after Google notified the company, which is why Google is now talking about the flaws publicly. But Google said the attack could be used against iPhone owners who visited a “small collection of hacked websites” and could have affected “thousands of visitors per week.”

Google said it wasn’t targeted at specific people, all you had to do was visit an infected site.

Read more at NBC NEWS.




  1. Big deal. The corrupt NSA is stealing our information constantly. They are even recording this comment I’m leaving now. You people allow big government to snoop on you, striping you of all your freedoms. The constitution means nothing to you dummies. Such idiots.

  2. Criminal Google who deletes thousands of likes from YouTubes and deletes real news and conservative news are the last people anyone should believe for anything.


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