GOP Convention Attendees Will Be Tested Daily for Coronavirus

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Those attending the Republican National Convention in Jacksonville, Florida, where President Donald Trump is set to accept the party’s presidential nomination, will be tested every day for COVID-19.

Erin Isaac, spokeswoman for the host committee of the Jacksonville portion of the convention, said that “everyone attending the convention within the perimeter will be tested and temperature checked each day.”

Republican National Committee spokesman Michael Ahrens said the GOP “is committed to holding a safe convention that fully complies with local health regulations in place at the time.”

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  1. They discriminate against me wherever I go! I wear a brightly colored turban because of my religious belief. When I approach the entrance to a venue they ask me about it and I tell them that I am Sikh. They say if you are sick then you can not enter. I tell them No! I am not sick, I am Sikh. They tell me to go home. Do not come inside because you are sick. I say no I am not sick, I am Sikh. I can’t go anywhere…..


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