GOP Coronavirus Plan To Include $1,200 Stimulus Check For Some Individuals

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A forthcoming Senate Republican coronavirus proposal will mirror a March stimulus bill that included a one-time $1,200 stimulus check for some Americans, according to a top negotiator.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, asked how the direct payments will be structured in the soon-to-be-released GOP bill, said it would be exactly the same as the language in the $2.2 trillion bill signed into law in late March.

“We’re talking about the same provision as last time, so our proposal is the exact same proposal as last time,” Mnuchin told reporters about what Republicans will propose in the bill.

The March bill provided a one-time $1,200 check to Americans who made up to $75,000 per year. The amount of the check was scaled down until it hit an income level of $99,000 per year, when it was phased out altogether.

Read more at The Hill.



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