GOP Rep Wants To Block Tubman Bill

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Republican congressman Steve King has introduced an amendment to prevent the Treasury Department from spending money to redesign its currency which would preclude it from replacing Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill.

King’s reasoning for the amendment was not entirely clear.

The Treasury Department announced in April that it would be putting the activist on the bill. Read more at KTLA 5.



  1. This is really amazing. You would think this would be a political contention that no real family orientated congressperson would go after. In all essence, her likeness on the American Currency is not a confrontation with Hashem or any good society.

    Really, when we see that they give no reason, give no alternative and have no considered plan; we must realize that the politics of some of the more ignorant elected officials is none other than obstructionist hate for the commerce of a good society.

    Why this is the GOP’s issue makes no sense and I see no faith in G-d voiced in alternative tone.

    Could we really be in the years of dearly minimized human value among those in the Conservative party? Clearly we are not having the best years with any of their candidates and the worth of this political party’s contributions in the last several years has not had a stronger voice in any of the political offices in any of their community.

    Worthless overall unless you put her on the $50 dollar bill. Mr. Grant did fight for her freedom and might not mind.


  2. King is a nativist bigot who cheered on the raid at Agriprocessors. Apparently he hates Native Americans and African Americans along with Jews and Hispanics. (Jackson precipitated genocide of Native Americans.)

    “Why this is the GOP’s issue makes no sense ”

    Under the leadership of Trump, the GOP has been transformed from a political party that makes dog whistles to racists into one that openly incites nativist bigotry, racism, and anti-Semitism. The amazing thing is that there are people who comment here who don’t realize this.

    • Charlie Hall ,

      While there is could be some validity to the above,you’ve been saying (inciting)

      most of those things about the GOP ,

      way before the rise of Trump


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