GOP Rep: We Can Impeach Obama

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texas-republican-rep-blake-farentholdIf you can’t beat ’em … impeach ’em! Texas Republican Rep. Blake Farenthold inspired members of a GOP meeting in Texas on Saturday by telling them they could get Obama out of office, immediately.

“If we were to impeach the president tomorrow, you could probably get the votes in the House to do it.” The congressman’s confident assertion came in response to a question about conspiracy theories surrounding Obama’s birth certificate-theories Farenthold believes.

When pressed further about the actual process of impeaching the president, however, Farenthold admitted it would be a risky move-one with the potential to cause “damage to society.” Read more at Buzzfeed.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. It’s absurd to think a President can be removed from office when his own party controls the US Senate. The Senate is the jury in impeachment proceedings.

  2. Do it! Don’t just talk the talk! Walk the walk!
    PROBLEM: then we’re going to get Biden! I think the country is better off with this bambi than Biden!

  3. number one, if they can get both of em on lying and misleading the public maybe we will get boener….he isnt much better but still

  4. why does’nt the Republican party learn to govern rather than chasing rainbows like things they can’t possibly do such as the impeachment of President O’bama. They just sound like idiots when they speak like this.


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